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Why create video animation with us?


There are basically 2 ways you can get your video animation done.

You could either DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or engage a professional to do it for you. To DIY, you may have to face with one or more of the following:

1) Research and find the software that would work best for your video animation project

2) Buy the software even if you plan to use it once or occasionally

3) Learn how to use the software which can be very time consuming

In addition to the above, without the skills and experience, it will be quite a challenge to produce a good quality and professional animated video.

If you are considering engaging a professional, you could either work with a freelancer or a qualified professional firm. VIHEO is here to assist you with the latter as we connect clients only with the best handpicked video professional firms worldwide.

There are over hundreds of video professionals firms out there but with VIHEO, deciding on a professional firm for your video animation works has never been this easy. Submit your requirement once, obtain multiple quality quotes, decide & work only with the best through our platform.

At VIHEO, we focus on creating only a quality marketplace for video animation.  VS  other freelance marketplace site


1) Quality quotes

Upon project submission at other freelancing marketplace sites, typically only within minutes, you would notice many freelancers flocking to you offering to do your project. The initial focus is quite usually only trying to bid on as many projects as possible (to secure your project) without carefully understanding the project requirement. This leads to poor quality proposal, inaccurate quotation and even future miscommunication once project has been assigned. You will also have a hard time assessing which freelancer to award the project to since you may be overly swamp with offerings.

At VIHEO, we do not allow our providers to access client project posting directly as we are more than just a platform. Instead our qualified consultants at VIHEO shall assess every single project posting from client. First we ensure that we have fully understood the client’s requirement before matching it with our qualified partners (video professional firm). After receiving the quotes, VIHEO do not simply forward it to client but we instead screen through every quotes before selecting and finally sending it over to you (up to 5 quotes). We focus on quality over quantity.


2) Safe and protected transaction

There are still quite a number of online marketplaces which practiced only direct payment to the service provider. At VIHEO, in addition to the standard secure connection and safe payment using PayPal, we have built in the escrow payment system where payment made by the client shall be released to the vendor only upon acceptance of work. This provides assurance to both the client and service provider.

With the upfront agreement, the secure & safe payment (payment to be released to provider only after client accepts) and dispute resolution in place on our platform, the client can have a peace of mind working with the professional firm.


3) Convenience and save time

Since there are over hundreds of video professional firms out there, how do you decide which to work with? Naturally, you will have to contact and repeat your requirement or discussion with as many vendors as you could to compare. Not anymore with VIHEO. With a single submission of your project work, all tedious research work will be transferred to us. You are only left to pick and decide whom to work with.


4) Dispute resolution

Still not convince? Sure you may work directly with the vendor but what is your recourse option if there’s a dispute on work delivery? Will there be any un-bias party to assist both you and the service provider? With VIHEO, our platform has incorporated the dispute resolution system in place backed by our team of professionals. We believe both client and service provider deserve the peace of mind.


5) Non-restricted communication

Most of the online marketplaces do not allow the client and the service provider to communicate outside of the platform. The platforms are usually quite restricted to control the communication between the parties. At VIHEO, we believe restricting the communication will only cause inconvenience and limit the way both parties could express themselves. As such, we do not impose such restrictions to allow both our client and service provider to have an effective and convenient communication. We have worked hard to build relationship and have an agreement in place with our trusted partners to make the non-restricted communication possible.


6) Project Quality

Working with a team has vast advantage over an individual. With individual freelancer, client may face with the following risks:

a) Individuals may be handling too many projects at once (focusing on revenue) compromising the quality on each of the project undertaken. They often over-promise and under-deliver due to sending out quotes without fully understanding the project requirements

b) Individuals may even end up outsourcing your project to cheaper freelancers, thus compromising on the work quality even further

c) Individuals tends to rush through or may discard your work halfway to work on or clinch a bigger opportunity project

d) The individual could be an expert in creating video but may not have good project management skills (no project manager overseeing the project undertaken) to ensure project is delivered with quality, on time and within budget

e) Individuals quite often do not have all the professional tools and software to create an amazing video animation work for you

f) Individuals work alone and not as a team. With a team, each member has their own expertise to contribute to the specific required area within the video animation project. Even if you decide to engage different individuals to make all of them work as a team, they may not work well together as compared to a team which have worked together for many years

In contrast to working with a professional firm, you can expect quality project delivery.


7) Quality of Professionals

Most freelancing marketplace claims they have thousands if not millions of freelancers however because it is very easy for anyone to join as a professional freelancer, the quality of professionals is greatly being compromised. At VIHEO, we not only disallow freelancer to register themselves, we do not even allow just any professional firm to register off our site. VIHEO instead work and create partnership only with the best out there. The registration page on our website is strictly only for client account registration. We would like to ensure that our client gets connected only with the best handpicked video professional firms worldwide.


8) Assurance

Once your video project is awarded to an individual freelancer, your project success is basically dependent on that one person. If you encounter some problems halfway through the project (miscommunication or if the freelancer became unresponsive), then your only option is probably to request for a refund (if granted depending on the dispute resolution). However, your project timeline may have already been affected by then or even cost if the refund is not approved.

While working with a professional video firm, you can be rest assured that there will always have someone else to take over within the team and work with you till you are satisfied. Multiple people are looking out for your project, so even if one person is down, your project still keeps going. Even if the firm is not delivering to your expectation, you still have VIHEO team to assist you with the resolution.


9) Warranty & Support

When working with an individual, you may have difficulty getting post support should you require amending or editing your video. Either the raw files used to create your video are no longer available or the freelancer is no longer around to assist you. You may have to get someone else to do it for you from scratch. This wouldn’t be the case if you are working with a professional firm through us.


10) Confidentiality

There’s not much you can do if an individual decide to leak out your confidential information in future except to trust them completely when engaging them. In contrast, when working with a professional firm, your inside information is protected by the company as the company also has its reputation to maintain. If required, you can also request to sign an NDA form with them.


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