Why every business requires video?


As technological innovations are taking place, the way people market their businesses are also changing. Many new upcoming business ventures now realize the importance of a video that explains and market your product and business strategy.

No matter what kind of product you are selling, you need to create a video that explains all the essential components related to your product. Today’s generation is a smartphone generation, they don’t believe in reading anymore and prefer to access everything through a single click. Nowadays, almost all businesses has created some kind of video regardless for marketing or informational purposes. It ranges all the way from technology industry up to home services such as aircon servicing.

There are a number of reasons that why every business requires a video these days.

Here are a few things that you can consider:


Explainer Video

Videos are a way of explaining the intended audience or target market about the product you are selling. They tend to explain all the essential elements related to your product and if the target market wants to know more they can access your page. You need to inform the audience about your business as the more aware they are, the more comfortable they would be in deciding to try your product.


It’s Easy and Quick

Explainer Videos are usually one minute long and therefore the target market can get the idea as quickly as possible. The generation these days is not interested in reading long pages about a particular product or a new business venture. They would be more interested in acquiring knowledge about your product through the easiest way possible.


More Reasons as to why People should buy your product or use your services

Explainer video reduces the element of common sales objections, as people would believe in what you show them in that two or one minute video. Though it may be difficult for you to decide on what to include or ignore, the point you need to ensure is that your video would need to be able to inform, educate and persuade the audience at the same time.


Videos are a must

Moreover, every business page needs three kinds of videos in order to attract and inform the audience about their services and products. Here is a list of videos that every business should include:


1) There should be a marketing video, which should feature on your website’s homepage. The main aim of the video is to advertise your business by pointing out all the positive aspects. The company can use voiceover to explain what the company is all about and how its services are different from the services of its competitor. The video should be as catchy as possible. It should include music, attractive graphic elements but all of these additional features should compliment the brand or the product you are representing.


2) Furthermore, there should be an About Us video as well. It is a very different and unique way of interacting with your audience. Many companies write long lengthy paragraphs in their about us section. You can make your company different by including an about us video animation on your website. Let your team interact with the audience and inform them that why your company is the best amongst other similar companies.


3) Another video that can be included on your page is that of testimonials. Instead of written testimonials, include video testimonials on your page. If your customers share their experience with the audience through video testimonials, it will create a very positive image amongst other members of the community and it instantly builds trust and goodwill.


Change your marketing strategies according to the latest trends. Business videos are a new trend that you should follow in order to compete in the market effectively.


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