Video presentation for your SAAS


As we all already knew, SAAS business is growing exponentially. Almost everything to be created for SAAS, has been built. In case you’re not sure what is SAAS, it is Software-As-a-Service. Basically, a web based application built to provide some form of service to businesses or consumers. Example of SAAS applications would be an GMAIL, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk, Dropbox, SalesForce and many more.

In case you’re in a SAAS business, you will definitely need some ways to present to your client what your SAAS is all about or how does it work. There are literally many kind of videos you could create for this. The most common type of video created for this kind of business would be the whiteboard animation. Reason being, it would be very easy for you to illustrate or explain the concept of your business and the how the application works.

Gone are the days where users are swamped with full of text. They would prefer to relax and watch a video to understand how it works. Ensure your video flows are not too boring or they might end up closing your video before it could even end. To know more on this, you may check out this article on why poorly designed videos decreases sales.

Supposed your SAAS application is among the many common ones out there, in this case instead of trying to focus what is does, try to highlight more on the unique value your SAAS is offering which are not present elsewhere. You need to make sure that this portion is slot in at the crucial moment of the video presentation and not necessarily at the beginning of the video.

According to statistics, unless your SAAS application is very popular, it would takes users less chance for people to know about your application if you do not have any video presentation on your website. Coincidentally, having a video on your website could also mean clocking more time spent on your website and this could indirectly boost your SEO. However, this is another topic altogether.

Now how long should the video last? Too little could meant little information being presented but too long could bore the users. The average time for such video ideally should range between 2-4 minutes. Anything longer might overload the users unless you can make your video really interesting such that they are really glued on to it. If you have the budget, you could create a much more catchy animation or even something cute for people to be attracted to. After all, the viewers you are trying to attract are essentially human thus anything that involves emotional attraction could be pleasing for them, just in the right way.

If you have not already done so, then I strongly urge SAAS business owners to consider creating a video presentation for your application and have it uploaded not only on your website but also to popular video uploading channels like YouTube. You will be surprised how much your revenue can even scale simply by investing in a video for your business.


Published by VIHEO