Videos increases the time spent of a website

video attention

Across the Internet world, all websites try to create their unique impression so that people can get attracted more easily. Many websites implement different strategies to keep people on their page and to attract more traffic.

Examples of such websites and social networks are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. All these websites have done something unique in order to keep the users scrolling. With Facebook’s unique check-in option and photos and video tagging, which is a relatively a new thing for the people, has become successful and is being adopted by many other websites too. YouTube’s unique and fast ways to stream videos and its auto suggestions keep the users busy with all the videos of interest. Just like that Twitter has its own way of tagging people and with the increasing trends of the hashtag, twitter has taken this thing up to a whole new level.

Just like all of these techniques and methods being used by web pages and different sites, the most common thing being used is the option of being able to watch videos. This is the most common and the most widely used way to attract people and traffic to their websites. Most businesses try to make it as interesting and as catchy as possible by using different types of video animation.

Let’s talk about some of the ways how videos increase the time spent by users on the website than the time they intend on spending.

Sometimes, users are just scrolling down a web page when something catches their eye and they stop scrolling further only to look at it. Sometimes, the thumbnails of videos seem so appealing and create such hype that it’s hard to let go and people are tempted to watch the video. It’s all about the first impression.

Lighting plays an important role in catching the eye of the viewers. Lets suppose that someone is not at all interested in watching a certain video and it automatically plays while scrolling down. The video has great effects and energetic lighting, it would definitely make the viewer ask for more and hence increase their time spent on the website. The quality of the video and the effort put in making it will always pay off.

Good quality let it be in anything, is something everyone would prefer. If the video has excellent quality, the viewer would want to watch more of it.

Sometimes videos have titles that rapidly attract anyone’s attention and sometimes the topics are chosen in such a way that nobody would be able to ignore it that easily. Lets take this for an example, you are scrolling down on a web page and you find something like “The best ways to make money online”, and then you stop! Why did you stop? It is because it is an attractive title and anyone would want to have a look at it. This is one strategy used in a video to attract viewer to view it.

Different advertisements are also affiliated with a number of websites these days now. Whether you want to watch them or not, it’s not up to you anymore. The advertisements pop up in the middle of our work and we have to wait a certain amount of time for them to disappear. Sometimes, these pop-up video advertisements can also grab our attention, the way they are made and advertised are to catch the attention of people. Video games, mobile apps, online stores, everything is being advertised through these pop-up ads and they are designed in such a way with multiple effects and images that easily catch the eye of the viewer. Even if we don’t intend on watching them, we might spend more than the usual amount of our time watching these ads as they pop up randomly.


Published by VIHEO