Should I Create Animated Videos Using Templates or Custom Made?



Ever wondered why the price in making video animation varies so much? You’ve heard some charging just a few hundreds for a minute of video whereas some are charging over a few thousands for a min of video. Sure, there are many differences but what’s the main difference contributing to the large difference in cost? It basically boils down to people who choose to create the animated videos using templates or custom made. Below are the high level differences for your understanding which can later help you make a wise choice.


Using Templates

This is when you make use of those DIY online video animation software. 


  • Cheaper
  • Faster production time
  • You can mostly do it yourself
  • Standard market rate cost around few hundred dollars per min of video. 


  • Learn how to use the DIY software, even though most can be self taught with tutorials
  • No uniqueness since tons of videos out there may be using the same templates
  • Low quality not in terms of resolution, but the animation work itself since it’s using templates
  • You may not achieve exactly what you want in the video since it’s not a customized video


Custom Made

This is when you engage a professional to do it for you, through a detailed production process.


  • Unique
  • Upkeep your image / brand
  • 100% customized. Anything, everything and however you want the animation to turn out
  • High quality animation (doesn’t look like a cheap production since you are not using templates)


  • More costly. Standard market rate cost around few thousand dollars per min of video. 
  • More time consuming

Reason being, the production process is more detailed which involves script writing, creation of storyboard, designing and illustration, animation, voice over, music and sound effect etc.


Disclaimer: Above market rate prices is to give you a rough idea. It is not our pricing 🙂

PS:/ To learn more on the differences, you can always Google for more information as there are tons of sites out there who has written a very comprehensive article on the difference as such we do not want to repeat the same information. Here, we make it very short for you to make a quick decision. Hope it helps!