5 strategies to increase video views

increase video views

In today’s era, the internet has become so widespread that we cannot think of our lives without its use. It has become a part of our everyday lives. From websites that help us to make our assignments, home works and other work related projects to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social websites.

With the increasing trend of social networking around the globe, there are many other multiple trends within the internet that are rising. People make different type videos ranging from video animation to live video production and post them online for the users to see. The aim is to get as many people to watch the video.

The more people watch your content, the more views you get and more traffic you can attract with this. However, with other websites like YouTube, Daily Motion and Vine, the competition is rising and people are coming up with new innovative ideas and putting them into their videos which in turn helps them get a lot of views. Having thousands of views helps get your message across many people and in a better way. This even brings you sponsors that give you a chance to earn money!

In this article, we will discuss the 5 strategies which will help you increase your video views.


Sharing Through Social Media

If you want your videos to spread like a wildfire, then social media is the place you’re looking for to share your videos. It works in a very simple way. After creating your video, all you need to do is share it on every famous social site that you know. Facebook is a very good place to start. You can also tag people in the video just to increase the number of views. The more people you tag, the more viewers you get. Facebook also gives the option to share the video with your friends or even to the public. Just like that, you can even share it on YouTube. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 videos are found through social media.



You can start writing a blog about the video that you just made. This would not only help you promote the video, but this would also give you a chance to explain better about the video and the content you have put in. If you already have a good blog, that would give you an edge and also a piece of something extra to share!



This is one of the many neglected things that people do these days after creating their masterpieces. What is your video about? You need to give it a title which should not sound too boring or vague but the title should attract a lot of attention. If you’re scrolling down the pages on internet tirelessly and you suddenly see an interesting title, be it anything; an article or a video, you would definitely stop and take a look at it. That’s how titles work; they are the main eye catchers.



Thumbnail is one of the first thing people see, after the title. Sometimes, if the thumbnail is attractive enough, it might even catch the eye of the viewer before the title. Adding an attractive  thumbnail to your video not only attract the eyes of the viewers but also adding in suspense and curiosity which will eventually bring viewers to click on it.



Timing is everything. Posting your video at the optimal time will help you get maximum views. In order to get the most views, post it at a time when most people are online not when everyone is gone to work or college.


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