List of reputable video sharing sites


You may have just completed your video creation, doesn’t matter of what type. It could be video animation, live video or even a short movie clip. Now it’s time to share it! Creating and sharing different types of videos has become a way for people to express their ideas and thoughts. These ideas and thoughts are spread across a number of people, communities and all over the world. There are a lot of options and websites available on the Internet for sharing videos and clips. However, there are a few prominent websites that have excelled over time due to their user-friendly interface, quality and other key options they provide to their users. Let’s name a few of these sites.


YouTube – YouTube is the world’s most famous websites for videos, clips and other entertainment clips. With YouTube’s applications available on a number of platforms, people can easily access the site wherever and whenever they like. YouTube allows people to watch videos for free without registration, but if you have to upload a video or make your channel, then you need to sign up. Signing up on YouTube is very easy and anyone can do that. Famous YouTubers have their own Channels, where people subscribe and stay updated with the latest content and news. With its wide reach all around the world, YouTube is an effective website for sharing your ideas through videos and clips. It also enables it’s users to share 3D videos.


Dailymotion– Dailymotion is another popular video sharing website that enables its users to view, upload and share videos. Just like YouTube, Dailymotion also has its video content distributed into different categories and channels. The things you need to be keep in mind is that the size of the video file being uploaded. Dailymotion capped the size to about 2 GB and the maximum time length to 60 minutes. So if you are ever facing troubles with YouTube or if its server is ever down, Dailymotion can be a good alternative to watch videos and get ideas as well as share yours!


Metacafe– Metacafe is famous for its short video clips and the wide range of categories and videos it offers. It is a video sharing website where there are thousands and millions of videos. This website also makes sure that the video uploaded has the highest quality, with its quality check algorithms. Metacafe is also available for different platforms and can be downloaded to your personal computer for your convenience. One of the good things about Metacafe is that it also pays its users for sharing their videos, given, if they get a lot of views.


Vine – Vine, another video sharing website, which made its entry in 2012, became famous worldwide for its different context and a new idea. Vine is a service that enables its users to share video clips that are very short in length. Clips can vary from 3 to 6 seconds only. It also has the option for ‘revine’ which enables users to share other peoples’ videos with their friends and circles. This website is mainly used to share funny and humor filled clips.


Facebook – Facebook is the largest social network in the world with its users all around the globe. Facebook offers a wide range of options. One of those is its video sharing feature which doesn’t only enable its users to upload their videos, but it also helps them spread their videos easily on a wider scale. Facebook gives the option for tagging friends in videos so that more and more people can watch them. You can also share any video with your friends, whether it’s your own or some other video. Facebook is also available in over 100 different languages and supports video of short as well as long length. You can also advertise your product or idea through Facebook’s marketing options by paying for it and you can also choose your target audience, making Facebook an excellent choice for sharing videos and ideas.


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