Why poorly designed videos decrease sales


As a part of any company’s marketing campaign, videos play an extremely important role. Every company, big or small create videos to advertise their content at one point or another. It could even be a simple video animation such as an explainer video. What impact do these videos have on the target customers depends greatly on the type of video that is being made and the type of content it has in it. There is a list of many other possible factors that play an important role in determining whether the video will be liked or disliked by its potential customers.

From giant companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC to newly entered companies in the market, all of them need to advertise and to reach out to their customers to let them know about the type of product they are selling.

If we look at different advertisements made by the successful companies, we will come to see what they focus on the most, to deliver their message in the most effective way. What are the things that contribute to their successful marketing video campaigns? Taking the example of Apple again, the way it advertises its iPhone is unique and appealing to the eyes of its customers. By focusing on every aspect and detail of their smartphone, from the video quality to the simplicity and uniqueness of the video, there are many other factors that play an important role in this regard.

Oppositely, if we look at the other side, if the videos are not made according to some of the ways described above, or if they fail to catch the attention of customers, it can have a negative impact on the company as a whole and not just its marketing department. This, as a result, can cause the sales to decrease as well as the customers to change their preference to other companies that attract their interest and their eyes.


Let’s talk about the ways why poorly designed videos can cause the sales to decrease.

The first thing we will talk about is the content of the video. The potential customers and viewers would like only the thing they want to see, that’s how consumer psychology is! If something fails to catch their eye, they might find something better and move towards it. That’s not it. If the video made is totally irrelevant to the subject, or lacks quality, that would also in return cause the people to turn themselves away from the product being advertised. The way how videos are designed and made greatly impacts the image of the whole organization because presentation is everything. If the product is great with many amazing benefits but the company fails to advertise is in the most compelling manner, the product might fail.

The other factor is wrong information. Let’s suppose a video campaign is being aired on the local TV and it gives out false information about the product. That false information might attract the customer for that certain short amount of time but as soon as the customer tries the product, he/she would be highly disappointed. This would as a result decrease sales and would destroy the brand image.

Apart from these general factors, there are other numerous things to take care of, for example, the video should have all the right material and should not be offensive to any group, person, religion or a sect. If the video spreads hatred or violence or anything that is not taken positively then that can also greatly contribute to the decreasing sales of their product. This can in return affect the company’s sales, its image as well as brand loyalty.

To create a video that is more appealing and is liked by many, all of the above-mentioned things should be taken care of and all the business related ethics must be followed.


Published by VIHEO