Make a Simple yet Creative Video

simple yet creative

Animated videos have gained popularity. They are used for entertainment and also to present products from various companies. Whichever function you pick, an animated video is still as effective. Some people are skilled at video animation while others want to get a simple video for something specific at a minimal budget. This could be a product, service or event. To create an animated video, you need some basic understanding of video editing and creating effects. However, if you are a first-timer, you can still learn on the go. It will, however, take you a lot of time.


Benefits of Using Animation Videos

Whether you are using it for marketing or just for fun, creating an animated video has the following advantages to it:

1- Engaging the audience: Animated videos are able to connect more easily with the viewers. They are relatable and grab the viewers’ attention. They are also fun to watch.

2- Educative: Animated videos are educative. They are able to explain a concept and break it down in a fun, understandable way.

3- Memorable: Animated videos are easier to remember than any other video, print or audio. This is largely associated with the simplicity of most of these videos.

4- Easy to share: If you would like to reach out to many people, animated videos are the best way to do it. They are easy to share. This sharing allows the video to reach droves of people without advertisement or any other form of marketing.

With all these benefits, you would be better placed if you opted for an animated video. These work well whether it is for fun, marketing or even introducing a product or service to the market.


Concept and Planning

The first step when you want to come up with an animated video is to plan and come up with a concept or a plan. This helps to give you an idea of what you would like to see. Have a story line or a sequence of events. Once you get to production, you will have a point of reference and the process will therefore be easier. Do not hesitate to make the plan as detailed as possible. After this, you also need to figure out which tools you will need for the job because video animation requires the use of different software.



If you want to make an animated video, you need to have tight editing to ensure that the scenes are flawless as you move from one to the next. You will also need to have some relevant sound effects, good music and filters, and colors that match the theme you are working with. Some of the software that you need includes:

1- Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the concept design

2- After Effects or any other program that can create general animations

3- Adobe Premier Pro for simplified editing


Video animation is not as hard as people make it out to be. It does, however, require you to put in a considerable amount of work. Whereas the first few videos may not be perfect, you improve with continued practice as time goes by. With time, as you continue creating these videos, you also learn which tools work best for simple yet creative videos.


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