How to get more video viewers


After you’ve created your video, what’s next? The big question still remains; how to get more video viewers. Whether it is Youtube, DailyMotion or Facebook, you need to have good strategies to get people to view your video more. People have busy lives and they scroll across hundreds of videos on a daily basis. This means that the odds of them viewing your video are not much. Not only does your video have to be special enough to appeal to the audience that you choose to target, there are several other factors that should also be taken into consideration.

One of the most important aspects that you should keep in mind is; sharing and sharing. Share to market your video as much as you can. Suppose an individual sees a certain video on Facebook and chooses to ignore it. The same individual sees the same-titled video again on Youtube. This will result in the individual opening that video out of curiosity to see what the fuss is about. Sharing your video as much as you can will result in users coming across your video more frequently and they will view it. Also, if you have a fan base behind your work, ask them to share your video as well. You sharing the video will attract traffic but 100 other individuals sharing the video will attract more than that. Sharing and asking others to share gives exposure to your videos. Moving on, sharing your video on different websites is also important. If you have accounts on three or four separate social media websites then share the video on all of them.

Other than sharing, try to make your video stand out. It can be the title of the video or the overall appearance or it can be an amazing start to your video that makes your viewer stay hooked until the end of it. If you have already created a video, you may wish to edit your video instead. An appealing title always makes the hand of a viewer itch and they view the video afterward. The appearance factors play a huge role in whether your video stands out or not. In a hundred videos, you need to emphasize why your video is more special and why it should be the one viewed more. Other than live videos, you may want to try creating video animation to make it more lively and catchy.

Another strategy is to promote your video. This might cost you a little but it is not much compared to the results you might receive. Promoting your videos result in your video being advertised on the home pages of users even if they have not liked or followed your page. If the user then sees what they like, your view rates will go up. Another method of promoting your videos are through other users and their fan pages. The other users might be in the same industry or even some other industry but this will help your videos attract a lot of traffic.

One more popular strategy used by most of the media is by playing the sharing game with your followers and then awarding them with something free of cost. If your reward is special enough, your viewers will start sharing your video to the limit you have set in order to win that prize. This sharing process will also result in a probable increase in the views of your video. Even though it is not certain that every single video’s views will start increasing using this strategy but they will go up to some extent. Hence, these might not work for every video or these might even work quite efficiently for some videos. This mostly depends on the timing and other factors regarding the type of video you have shared.


Published by VIHEO