How to create a marketing video

How to create marketing video


Video making is a trend nowadays. Marketing and advertising go hand in hand. If you are an expert in marketing, you will know the importance of good advertising to sell the product. To sell any product, you have to make an interesting and creative ad. Ads are mostly converted into video forms these days. Videos attract the audience a lot more than the paper advertising.


What is a marketing video:

Before making a marketing video, you must know what a marketing video is and its purpose.

A marketing video is basically an advertising tool used to promote any project, product or even a food item or a website via a video. The video usually demonstrates the working and specialties of the product.


Things to look for


Select and define your audience:

The first point is to define your audience according to the product you are selling. Every product is for a specific group of people. For instance, if you are selling toys, you may want to target children or certain age group depending on the type of toys. Similarly, if you are selling a mobile phone, look out for the young generation and the adults who use it mostly.

Choice of the topic:

Choice of the topic must be defined and you have to be creative when you choose the topic on which you are going to make a video. Limit yourself to the topic but be creative while making the video. Include some video animation and characters with a pinch of humor to the video to attract viewers.

The topic should be relevant to the product and the ad should make sense. You can opt to show a story within the allotted time.

Finalize a proper budget:

A proper budget should be allotted for the project. Make a flowchart of the proceedings of the project to save money on unnecessary things.

Settle the legal issues:

Legal issues should be settled down before the work starts so that no interruption is made during the project. Make sure that the video has its copyrights reserved in your name and the video is unique and original. You may wish to engage a lawyer to assist you.

Plan a plot for the video:

Plan a plot for the video. The story should be given to every individual in written form. Make sure that you have a flow chart of the proceedings.

Plan your cast and crew:

Get your cast and crew ready. The crew includes cameraman, photographer, videographer, director, producer, crew members, and the actor. Make sure you choose only professionals and not amateur for such work.

Search out the location for the shoot:

Search the location for your shoot. Choose the location according to the product and the budget you have. The location could be a studio, an indoor unit or outdoor.

Shoot and edit the video:

Shoot the video according to the schedule and budget. Make sure you edit the video and fine tune the video to improvise the quality, for instance the color, brightness or sound quality.

Polishing and refining:

Add music, titles and graphics and different animations in the video to make it interesting.

Posting the video:

Post the video on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter etc. You may also wish to embed the video on your online newsletter, if any.


Marketing videos is really powerful and it can really increase your sales exponentially if you do it right. As such, be sure to include it as part of your business marketing strategy!


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