How to Gain Trust and Confidence from Video Animation Viewers

trust and confidence

Trust and confidence are two things that make viewers buy something from a business. If customers are not confident about the products and/or services, then it will be hard for your company to meet its marketing goals. That’s why there’s a need for your business to make consumers trust your brand. And the best way to gain trust is to create an animated video. It can engage the viewers and at the same time help in conveying the message to the target market.

However, trust is not something that can be earned by any other video animation. The video must have certain characteristics that will elicit confidence and trust from viewers. Below are some ways to gain trust from video viewers.


Know the Customers

The first thing you need to do is to know the customers. Then you use the information and make customers acknowledge that you are aware of their needs. You should provide them with solutions for their concerns. And the best medium to achieve this is through a video animation.

When creating an animated video, design characters that best represent customers. The characters must have similar looks, desires, and behavior of the target market. That way the viewers are able to relate to the character and make engagement become stronger. This makes it much easier for viewers to identify with the brand and develop an emotional attachment to it.

Viewers can recall the brand weeks or even months after watching a well-made video animation. Aside from the characters, you can also design the backgrounds to foster brand awareness and make the audience identify with what the video wants to convey.


Make Viewers the Star of the Video

Please take note that the video should not start with the features of the products. Instead, you should show the viewers’ problems and how you can solve them. That way you will be seen as a brand that cares for one’s customers, and not just trying to push your product or service to the viewers.


Use the Right Voice Over

You might have a good story and high-quality graphics, but you will not gain the trust and confidence from viewers if the voice over is not trustworthy. While you might be tempted to do the voice over yourself to save money, it is recommended to hire a professional talent to do it for you.

If the voice over is not interesting, the video animation will be boring. It doesn’t matter whether the other elements of the video are cool, viewers will still be turned off by poor voice over quality. A professional voice over talent knows how to convey the right emotions to the viewers.


Utilize the Brand Colors throughout the Video Animation

It is recommended to use your brand’s colors all throughout the video. This will improve brand awareness within the viewers. They will unconsciously absorb the brand behind the wonderful story and will develop into trust.


These are the ways to gain trust and confidence from video animation viewers. The next time you create an animated video, be sure to follow the tips mentioned above. You will be able to improve the odds of achieving your marketing goals.


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