Cost of video production

video production cost

Videos were a rare name in the past and the cost to make a video was very high due to the expenses coming from the cameras, shooting, location, editing, and the fees if the professionals as well. But today, things have changed and revolutionized a lot. Videos are now a common thing is used by people a lot more than before. They are used for advertising, marketing, and entertainment purposes.

The video making industry is blooming day by day. Now a variety of cameras are available in the market and apps is available that can be used to make a cheap video. So the cost has reduced to a great deal but its benefits have increased.


What is the cost of video production?

It’s common these days for business to use video animation to promote their business but how about live video production? The cost of the video depends upon the quality of the video that you are making and the purpose for which it is made. The video could be made cheap if you use a low standard camera but if you are making it for the professional purposes such as product advertisement or something related to marketing, the cost could be high.

There are certain factors that drive the cost of the video . You may have to estimate your budget keeping these factors in your mind (quality of the video):


Disclaimer: Below are the market rate prices to give you a rough idea. It is not our pricing 🙂



You can make these videos yourself. You can use the tools available online to make these videos. The quality is quite acceptable and you could make these videos easily. The cost is not that expensive and most often than not, you could get it for free. Note that some may comes with its watermark.

The only problem with such videos is that since you are not an expert at it, the video might lack a lot of details and professional aspects as well.



This category requires a professional person who has some idea about using the cameras for shooting. Such skills are enough to cover a small family event or any show but it will not work on professional scale. The video for a 1-2 minutes length would cost over $1500-2000 and it is still quite affordable.



This video requires a professional team of video makers who work on an hourly basis and the proceedings are all scheduled. The client has to pay for all the services. They use high-level equipment and mostly cover the product descriptions, recruiting videos etc.

These videos could cost anything between $5000-$20000.



If you are looking for a marketing and high-level video that has the capability to go viral, such videos fall in the premium category. A high-level camera, motion graphics, and a studio are also used in such videos. The video could be hot cake and would be on fire as soon as it is released.

The cost of the video would fall between $25000-50000.



If you are one who can’t compromise on the quality and standards, you should opt for this type of video quality. Top quality equipment, talented and professional staff will be used and you can be sure to expect no 100% quality video.

The cost would definitely be according to the services they provide. The average cost could be anywhere between $100,000-150,000.


Other cost factors to consider:


a) The video hosting provider

b) The cost of legal consultation on video legal matters

c) Cost of the promotion

d) Assessment of the geographical region in which it is going to be released

e) Cost of the crew and staff associated with video making


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