3 most effective ways to convince users during a video product demo


Presentation matters in everything whether it is a product for sale, a food or a website. Everything that looks attractive sells itself the most. Most of the companies who are willing to increase their consumer rate create an innovative and creative presentation and demos for their products. There are some things that leave imprints and everlasting impressions on the audience’s minds. These include creating a product demo that has some animation, any joke or comedy associated with that so that people will remember it. The tactics are usually changing and improving and some of the ads don’t even make any sense whatsoever.


The product demo is a marketing strategy:

The basic reason behind the creation of the product demo is to convince the consumers that the product you are selling is the best in comparison to its competitors and is worth the money you are charging for the product. However, history is filled with a lot of examples showing that these ads were not enough to sell the products up to the expectations of the companies.

Keys to an effective video product demo:

Keep the audience on the verge of their excitement when you are a launching video demo for your product. Be creative and innovative and keep the audience guessing about your next move. Curiosity will make the buy your product. The keys to remember are:


Open a mental image in the audience’s mind:

You have got only 10-12 seconds to capture and hold the attention of your audiences and you have got a story to tell. An ad basically is a short story and it gives the message within the allotted time. The time is limited due to the expenses because an ad might cost $10 to$1000 depending upon its length. With such a small span of time available, the product advertisers have to capture the attention of the audience and keep an eye on their emotions. They should know if they are able to engage the viewers into the demo or not, if the viewers are agreeing with their ad or they are not interested. The first image opens the mind and is almost a decider whether the viewer will buy the product or not.

Don’t hesitate to take risks while displaying the demo. Be innovative. Try video animation or comedy etc to keep the audiences guessing about your product. If you were to create an animated video, try using explainer video to explain to viewers on your product demo. Keep the demo and the test of your product convincing but don’t try to manipulate it. It might offend the audience. Test your product to its extremities to convince the audience.


Close the image in an effective way:

Make a plan or a flowchart of the sequences in which the demo will run and follow that plan. You should know the things you want to show to the audience. The closing act should be an effective one to leave impressions in the mind of the audience. Leave them with the thoughts that can convince them to buy your products.


Things you should ignore:

You should know what to show to the audience and what to keep a secret. Showing too much might cause a problem as you put too much stuff into their minds and they start doubting your claims. Several video demos have gone wrong due to this reason only. Built up the trust slowly and gradually and tell only the key features of your product during the demo.

The voice of the presenter matters so choose one who has excellent communication skills. Keep the demo simple, creative and innovative. Don’t end with one demo. Keep a series of demos to hold the attention of the viewers.


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