8 Video Marketing Strategies



In this era, the unfortunate truth eliminates many marketing strategies that involve rows and rows of text. Long paragraphs with elaborated statements usually ends up making the reader bored. The reader ends up reading only one fourth of your content and never really gets to the main point of what you try to portray through your words. The most effective marketing strategies being made and implemented for the delivery of your messages are through visual images or video animation. As most of us have quite busy routines, a scroll through any social media website and seeing videos that are appealing to the eye ends up in the user viewing the video. Effective video marketing strategies can help gain plenty of traffic to your organization or the products/services of your organization. Here are some efficient strategies of video marketing;


Keep it short

When you create video, keeping it short is one of the most important aspects to remember while marketing anything. The usefulness of short videos for marketing is that the user can obtain all the information that you are trying to provide in less 30 seconds. Instead of writing a long 200 word paragraph, you made your point in less than a minute and the reader probably enjoyed it as well. Sometimes in some applications, long videos cannot be uploaded and they have a certain time limit to the videos uploaded on their sites i.e instagram, so shorter videos can easily be uploaded their without being cut. Shorter videos also contain one more advantage. If you are using premium ways to create video then they will cost you less to make. So the one video you made previously using a specific amount, you can now use the same amount to make three or four. Since they are short, they will be of the minimum cost or sometimes no cost at all.


Emphasize the main aspect

Getting carried away by trying to create animated video appealing might sometimes result in you overlooking the main point you are trying to put across. If you are marketing any service that you provide, make sure to emphasize that service instead of the organization or other factors so the viewer knows what the video is about.


Overall appeal is important

Videos on what you are marketing are usually judged in a certain manner by how they appear to the public eye. If a video is poorly made, it might not attract too many viewers to watch it hence resulting in less traffic and inefficient marketing.


Facts and not just ‘fun’

Marketing videos differ from entertaining videos. Using factual statements is convincing which is essential for a marketing video. A fun video might entertain your viewer for 20 seconds or more but it might not convince them to actually try out your product.


Text in a video VS text in general

If you have to provide a lot of information regarding your product then using text in your video might not be the worst thing. Users might not be interested in reading text from paragraphs or from description boxes but reading it in a short video is a better way to go. Creating explainer video is one of the way to include text in your video.


Curiosity is sometimes a good way to go

Releasing parts or series of your product is a genius video marketing strategy. This ends up seeking the attention of many viewers as they start feeling curious about what the product really is. Giving sneak peeks has always proven to be an effective marketing strategy.


Provide contact information

If your viewer has no idea on how to access your service or product then your marketing strategy has not worked.



Animations used to present visual information are not only entertaining but they also help the viewer concentrate on your work far better.


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