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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the benefit of using VIHEO?

It basically benefit both parties, the client and the service provider. It promotes convenience & assurance, resolve disputes and provide a safe and secure escrow payment. For more details, kindly refer to the “WHY VIHEO” section of our site to find out why you should create animated video through us.

Who can sign up as service provider?

Unlike other marketplace sites, we do not allow just anyone to sign up as a service provider. If you noticed, the registration page on our site is only for client account registration. VIHEO only manually handpick and select the best video professional firm to be our partners. This is to ensure that client only gets to work with the best quality service provider. Should we find any drop of quality among our existing service providers, VIHEO shall conduct another round of interview with them and if need to, we may have them removed from our existing pool of providers. If you are a service provider and really keen to join VIHEO, please drop us a note for an interview.

Can I work with your service provider offline?

The service providers working with you are our trusted partners which we have built relationship and agreement with. As such, you may use the platform only during initial proposal offering/acceptance, establishing upfront agreement, accepting/rejecting work and for payments. During the course of work, we do not impose any restriction and we do allow our clients and service providers to work offline (phone, emails or even onsite). However, we strongly recommend both our client and service providers to keep VIHEO operations team on the email cc loop during communications. This is to allow us to intervene and assist as required, especially in the case of dispute. For clients or service providers who attempt to transact offline or get around the platform, we may have to ban their account and forfeit any payment which has been made via the platform.

Why do I have to make the full payment before receiving the video?

This is another value VIHEO provide to both parties. At the time of your full payment, it only assures our service providers that you have made the full payment and they could start their work. However, the payment is still being on hold by VIHEO. Only until client approves the video animation work, will the payment be released to the appointed service provider. This solves both the issues of – what if the service provider does not deliver after payment made (from client perspective) and what if client does not pay after work has been delivered (from service provider perspective). With this escrow payment in place, upfront deposit or multiple payments is no longer required.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

Typically, our service providers will work with you closely until you are satisfied with the work quality. However, in the case of dispute, VIHEO shall assist to look in to the matter and if required, the payment made shall be released back to the client.

How safe and secure is your platform?

Our site is PCI compliant and secured by SSL connection thus any transactions or details shared through and on our website is 100% safe and secure.

For any other matters or queries, who can I contact?

You may reach out to us via our Contact Us page and our team of professionals shall assist you accordingly.

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