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Dispute Policy


This Policy sets out the dispute process to be followed by both the client and service provider to resolve dispute.

The Client and Service provider shall have their dispute arbitrated by VIHEO’s dispute resolution team to perform the necessary actions to resolve the case in an impartial and evidential manner. You acknowledge that the verdict of the Dispute Team is final and irreversible.

As soon as either party raise a dispute on the platform, the other party (defendant) has 3 days to respond to the claim. Otherwise the party who raised the claim will automatically win the dispute. Should the client closed or cancelled the video animation project, service provider has up to 3 days to open a dispute.

The stages involved during dispute resolution process:

1) The party raising the dispute is to specify the exact issue and on which particular project. To provide as detailed explanation as possible along with any supporting documents.

2) VIHEO’s dispute resolution team shall contact the other party (defendant) to ensure we receive feedback from both parties.

3) VIHEO’s dispute resolution team shall review the dispute being raised to assess the situation and claims.

4) VIHEO’s dispute resolution team shall work with both parties to assist on the negotiation and resolve the dispute.

5) During the assessment, VIHEO may request for further supporting materials/documents (email, chat log, screenshot etc) to allow VIHEO’s dispute resolution team to make better assessment and decision.


During the process above, only the party raising the dispute could cancel the dispute.

Unless required by the law, VIHEO shall protect the confidentiality of the project and the privacy of both parties.


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