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Connecting clients with the best handpicked video animation firms worldwide to create animated video.

Submit your requirement once, obtain multiple quality quotes, decide & work only with the best through our platform.


Thousands of video animation are being created each day and there are literally over hundreds of video professional firms worldwide.

It can be overwhelming to find the right one but with VIHEO, it has just got easier!

How it Works with VIHEO


Step 1: Project submission

Client submits the video animation requirement by clicking “Post Project Now”.


Step 2: Assessing and understanding of the project requirement

VIHEO Team shall ascertain the requirement, before sending the same to our pool of qualified service providers. Clients may be contacted for further clarifications, if required.


Step 3: Obtain quality quotations

The service providers shall send out the quotation to VIHEO operations team for review. Upon assessing the quote, VIHEO operations team shall perform the necessary filter if required and send out only quality quotations to client for review and selection.


Step 4: Selecting the service provider

As soon as the client decides who to award the project to, VIHEO operations team shall send a direct link to the project to the appointed service provider for them to submit an official proposal on the platform.


Step 5: Acceptance of proposal

Client will receive a notification on the proposal, where at this stage client can choose to accept/reject the proposal or propose counter agreement. To be done directly on VIHEO platform.


Step 6: Payment and commencement of work

As soon as the proposal and agreement has been finalized, client shall proceed to make the payment.

Note: The payment made is only on-hold by VIHEO. Payment shall be released to the service provider only after client has approved and accepted the video work (after project completion).

After payment has been made, client and service provider can start to work directly offline (via email, phone or even onsite if applicable) as we do not impose any restrictions on the communication. Email contacts shall be shared on the platform.

During the course of work and communication, it is strongly recommended to include VIHEO operations team on the email cc loop for us to intervene and assist as required, especially in the case of dispute.


Step 7: Project closure and releasing of payment

Once the project completes and client is satisfied with the video work, service provider shall mark the project as complete on the platform. Client can then choose to acknowledge the same or raise a dispute in the event of disagreement. For dispute resolution, VIHEO operations team shall assist to intervene and make the necessary assessment. Once client has acknowledged the project completion, the payment made shall be released to the service provider after deducting the commission fee for VIHEO.


Step 8: Review and feedback

Both the client and service provider may leave review and feedback on each other after the project completion and release of payment. It is highly encouraged for both parties to do so for obvious reasons and we thank you in advance for this.


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